Deborah Chava Singer is originally from San Diego, California where she studied truth with the Mesa College Theatre Company and created, published and performed with the Queer Players (now dissolved). While going to school (in something else) in Toronto, Ontario she remembered what she really wanted most was to be a writer. She currently resides in Vancouver, Washington. Her work has been performed or read on stages in Oregon, Ohio, Louisiana, Wisconsin, Illinois, Alaska, California, Ontario, and New York. She is a member of The Playwrights’ Center and an associate member of The Dramatists Guild of America, Inc. She currently resides in Vancouver, Washington.

Deborah Chava Singer became one of 62 Washington State artists to receive Grants for Artist Projects (GAP) funding from Artist Trust in 2012. This funding allowed her to take time away from work to focus on completing her full length play, Hidden Potential, or The Straight Gene. (Press Release)

(Note: Vancouver, WA is across the river from Portland, OR and not in Canada. Although Deborah lived in Toronto, ON in Canada for two years but that is another story and another life.)